About Us

We are New Zealand's leading independent climate change, emissions trading and energy sector consultancy.


  • Based in Wellington, we have been providing advisory services to almost all of New Zealand's business sectors since 2003 (company background).
  •  We have a proven track record drawing on our international links and extensive experience applied here in New Zealand.
  • Our practical business experience, matched with our expertise on emissions trading and broader climate change and energy policy, provides us with a unique set of skills to assist your business.

Our Services

As a niche consulting firm we provide in depth expert knowledge on emissions trading, broader climate change policy and energy sector issues.


Aligned with our business experience, we turn this expert knowledge into practical options and successful strategies that your business can implement. +[More]

"Frazer Lindstrom understands
our business drivers."


Our Clients

Our extensive client list includes:

  • Major Industrial Energy Users
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Energy Infrastructure Firms
  • Legal Firms
  • Business Organisations
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Renewables Firms
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Government Departments

"What differentiated [Frazer Lindstrom] was that they
 were more capable and far sharper"

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Our Staff

Combined we have more than 60 years of energy sector experience in operational, technical, project, sales and executive management roles.


All our staff have a chemical engineering background - this provides an ideal skill set to translate climate change and energy policy into practical business advice and strategy.

We have applied our skills in operational, technical, finance, project, sales and executive management roles. 

  • This background and experience provides us with the ideal skill set to translate climate change and energy policy into practical strategy for your business. 
  • This differentiates us from accounting, legal and other policy advisory firms.


We are continuously at the front line of climate change policy, emissions trading scheme design and energy information so that you know that you always get the latest and most relevant advice tailored to your business.

   "[They] provide timely, reliable advice."


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