Sustainable Energy


The concept of sustainable development applied to energy is taxing the minds of business and governments throughout the world.


The challenge is to balance the requirements of:

  • affordability;
  • security of supply; and
  • environmental protection.

Our Expertise

Here are two examples of our sustainable energy work which are publicly available.

Case study 1:

NZBCSD - Sustainable Energy Futures Project - Stage 1 Report
In 2004 Frazer Lindstrom solely was engaged by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development (NZBCSD) and project members to collate information, analyse it and provide a report on sustainable energy futures.

Focussing on electricity generation, this project sought to develop a long term energy industry perspective on what a sustainable electricity sector might look like. This is important if the industry is to provide for New Zealand's long term energy futures and manage the transition from the existing asset base to the next generation of technology.

This report is publicly available and a copy can be requested from us. Contact us.

Case study 2:

A Sustainable Energy Future  for New Zealand by 2050 - A Business View
In late 2004, Frazer Lindstrom was again engaged by the NZBCSD in its role as facilitator to a much bigger project, both in terms of scope and project membership.

Our role was as Project Manager engaging consultants (Covec, Hale & Twomey and CRL Energy), with co-authoring responsibility to bring the report into its final form.

This influential report was released in September 2005: Full PDF report.


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Other areas of expertise within the energy sector include: