Emissions Trading - The Journey to Trading


For many businesses, emissions trading is both complex and new - We can help you.


Drawing on our in depth emissions trading expertise, we have developed a structured approach to ensure that you:

  • understand emissions trading and the implications for your business
  • develop a sound corporate strategy to address the introduction of emissions trading
  • implement the strategy taking into account timing and resources
  • manage the "through the year" trading activity with appropriate compliance in place.


We call this The Journey to Trading - hover your cursor over the picture below to learn more.

The Journey to Trading

1. Understanding Emissions Trading
- Trading scheme fundamentals
- Global trends
- NZ ETS specifics
- Au CPRS and other schemes
2. Developing the Corporate Strategy
- Emissions inventory
- ETS implications
   + Participation - mandatory, opt-in or indirect
   + Cost pass through - ability / exposure
   + Allocation - eligibility / quantity
   + Unit requirements - trading / compliance
- Potential $ exposure
- Risk and opportunity assessment
3. Implementing the Strategy
- Mitigating the emissions exposure
   + Emissions reductions
   + Marginal abatement cost curve
   + Contractual pass through of exposure
- Addressing the remaining exposure
   + Trading strategy
- Project planning
   + Resource implications
   + Timing
   + Systems (measurement, reporting, financial)
Compliance Activity (ongoing)
- Measurement, reporting, verification (MRV)
- ETS obligations
   + reporting / surrender of units
- Governance of trading mandate
- Audit requirements
- Financial reporting standards
- Tax requirements
Trading Activity (ongoing)
- Trading position tracking
- Trading strategy
   + buy / sell - unit types, volumes, sources, timing
   + Transaction types - OTC, exchange, bilateral
- Trading risk management
   + Market value at risk
   + Governance, trading authority

Tailor-Made Services

While The Journey to Trading provides a template structure, we always tailor make our advisory services to match your business' specific needs and internal resources.

  • Our support levels range from ad-hoc advice through to full turnkey compliance management solutions.
  • We provide expertise across all aspects of emissions trading and where appropriate will work closely with your legal and tax advisers. 


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