Company Background

We are New Zealand's leading independent climate change, emissions trading and energy sector consultancy.


Stuart and Kerstin Frazer established Frazer Lindstrom in July 2003.

We are in our 20th year of business and continue to grow the client base. Our work covers virtually all sectors of New Zealand's business.


The decision to establish Frazer Lindstrom was taken following the completion by Stuart Frazer of major tasks for his former employer the New Zealand Refining Company Ltd. These tasks led to:

  • The signing of the 1st ever NZ Negotiated Greenhouse Agreement (NGA) with the Crown in April 2003; and
  • The approval to implement a NZ$180 million upgrade of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery to meet tighter fuel specifications.


Having developed skills and built specific knowledge in:

  • Strategy development in the areas of climate change and energy sector policy implementation; and
  • Project management of government-business interface issues,

it was recognized that other businesses in New Zealand were facing the same or similar issues and would need experienced assistance in this complex area.


Climate Change Policy Experience

Frazer Lindstrom has been there all the way in New Zealand climate change policy from:

  • Voluntary agreements;
  • Negotiated Greenhouse Agreements (NGA) applications, benchmarking and negotiation;
  • Through the abandoning of the carbon tax and subsequent policy void; and 
  • The development and implementation of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) policy.


We have assisted our clients through all of these policy changes, provided structure to the chaos that has reigned and continually provided them with the best available analysis and advice to enable them to run their businesses and get their voice heard through submissions.


We are based in the heart of Wellington, at the New Zealand business-government interface.


We have the skills, experience and expertise to provide the complete, high quality support you need to run your business.


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