Our Services

We have the skills, experience and expertise to provide the support you need in the areas of climate change, emissions trading and energy.


We are a business consulting firm, specialising in climate change, emissions trading and energy.


Our company staff all have a chemical engineering background with a combined energy sector experience exceeding 60 years. We have applied our skills in operational, technical, finance, project, sales and executive management roles. 

  • This background and experience provides us with the ideal skill set to translate climate change and energy policy into practical strategy for your business. 
  • This differentiates us from accounting, legal and other policy advisory firms.


We help firms develop and implement sound and practical strategies based on an in depth and detailed understanding of the relevant climate change/emissions trading and energy policies.


Emissions Trading and Energy

Emissions trading and energy policies are closely intertwined. Our services reflect this relationship and cover both areas.


Using our services will ensure that you will get the total picture and have covered all aspects within both emissions trading and energy.



FL Services 


Emissions Trading Services
  • Turnkey NZ ETS Compliance management solutions
  • Emissions inventory development
  • Assessing fiscal exposure and opportunity
  • Internal audit and staff training
  • Emission unit pricing assessments
  • Allowance allocation methodology
  • International and domestic ETS design
  • Competitiveness impacts and evaluation
Energy Sector Services
  • Energy policy evaluation and submission development
  • Fuel specifications/ evaluations
  • Technology selection
  • Energy supply pricing impacts of emissons trading
  • Renewable energy alternatives evaluation







Examples of our Work:

FL PublicationsMuch of Frazer Lindstrom's work is client confidential however some is in the public domain. +[more]

In many cases we work with 3rd parties to assist them through provision of in-depth emissions trading policy and market advice. 



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