Energy Sector Services

We have the skills, experience and expertise to provide the support you need.


Our company staff all have a chemical engineering background. We have applied our skills in operational, technical projects, design, management roles and sales in energy infrastructure management and planning.


New Zealand like many other countries is facing major challenges in managing its energy infrastructure. We understand these challenges and provide advice on business planning and energy strategy development to achieve the best outcome for your business.


Our areas of expertise within the energy sector include:

Energy Sector Clients

Our energy sector expertise is used by:

  • individual business clients;
  • business organisations; and
  • government departments.


Our client work covers both the energy supply and the demand side.
Energy Supply
  • Solid Fuels (coal, wood waste)
  • Liquid Fuels (petroleum and biofuels)
  • Gas Fuels (LNG and natural gas)
  • Electricity generation 
  • Renewables (wind, micro hydro, biomass, marine)
Energy Demand
  • Aluminium
  • Ammonia-Urea
  • Cement
  • Dairy
  • Lime
  • Mining
  • Oil Refining
  • Wood Processing (sawn timber and pulp)


Much of the energy sector work we do is commercially sensitive however some is specifically developed for the public. Examples include two projects we carried out for the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development (NZBCSD) on a sustainable energy future for New Zealand [+] more.


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