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The emissions calculator is provided to enable estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from energy sources for industrial scale operations. Industrial process emissions and fugitive emissions are excluded.

It can also be used to estimate your financial exposure under an emissions trading scheme or carbon tax. Please refer to notes below calculator for details.

To use the calculator enter the energy source usage and then click on the Calculate button.


Emissions Calculator
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Energy greenhouse gas emissions are calculated by multiplying the energy used by an emission factor. The emission factor reflects the quantity of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted per amount of energy used.

Emission factors

The emission factors used by default are reflective of those used in the New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).

The electricity emissions factor of 0.537 tCO2/MWh is used to reflect the marginal (thermal) generator which impacts on the electricity spot market price in New Zealand.

The default emission factors can be changed by the user however they will revert to default values on page refresh.

Cost of Emissions

The default rate of NZ$75/tonne CO2e reflects the approximate price of an an NZU in January 2023. NZU prices are volatile and should be updated by the user.

The cost of emissions calculated here should be viewed as an estimate only and no reliance should be placed on the results.

For full finacial analysis please contact us.


Detailed Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Assessments
Generation of emissions inventories can be a complex and confusing task:
The above calculator reflects just a small number of energy inputs.

We assist firms by setting out the requirements taking into account the different protocols that exist between NZ Policy and international emissions accounting standards.

  • In many cases additional energy inputs, fugitive emissions and industrial process emissions need to be accounted for.
  • We also have solid experience in forestry , agriculture and refrigerant (synthetic greenhouse gas) inventory calultaions


Contact Us fo assistance in setting up your emissions inventory assessment.